The Periodic Review Secretariat has updated the procedures for selecting non-media observers to view Periodic Review Board proceedings at the closed circuit television (CCTV) site located in the Pentagon.  In selecting applicants for observer status, the following criteria will be considered:

  • Reach of the applicant organization or individual (e.g., audience size, readership, subscriptions, circulation, viewers, listeners, website hits, writings, broadcasts, professional standing, diversity of audience, etc.).
  • Nexus of the applicant’s organizational mission to Periodic Review Board proceedings, wartime detention, international law, and/or human rights.  If the applicant is an individual, the nexus of the individual’s writings, commentaries, and/or broadcasts on the same topics may be considered.
  • Extent to which applicant has provided longstanding and frequent coverage of issues relating to Periodic Review Board proceedings, wartime detention, international law and/or human rights.

All groups, organizations and individuals (if not affiliated with a group or organization) will be evaluated under these procedures.  Applicants are asked to provide documentation and examples of how the organization or the individual meets the above criteria.

Any observer wishing to be approved for attendance at the CCTV site located in the Pentagon, should email his/her request to
Observer Authorization Approval no later than five business days prior to the date of the periodic review board.

Observers selected to attend the proceedings are required to agree to the observer ground rules and present photo identification upon arrival.